Social media recruitment campaign

West Midlands Fire Service Recruitment

Project overview

Like other fire services around the country WMFS have found it difficult to attract candidates in the quantum required to meet their needs – and from the diverse backgrounds required to build a service which reflects the fabric of the communities it serves.  In doing this they have found it particularly difficult to overcome prospective candidates’ perceptions about what a career in the fire service entails. 

Since September 2017 we have worked with WMFS to define and execute an ambitious, impactfull, recruitment campaign.  Our work has included:

  • Initial desk-based and market research which we used to inform subsequent creative, proposition and messaging work.
  • The development of campaign creative, candidate proposition, core messaging and collateral. This included the development of original visuals which complemented and helped to evolve the overarching WMFS brand.
  • The production of a range of video materials which helped to bring the campaign and its messages to life for candidates.
  • The design and build of a discrete website for the campaign which enabled candidates to access substantial, relevant and engaging information about the reality of careers in the WMFS.
  • Our work on the website also included design, build and ongoing support for an online candidate application process which enabled candidates to register their interest, apply and undertake online assessments as part of the overall WMFS selection process.
  • Development and execution of a multi-faceted social media campaign, through which we used different combinations of our messaging and creative to address specific subgroups within the overall target audience.  This work included substantial, sophisticated work on SEO and digital media buying.


The ongoing recruitment campaign has led to:

  • An 80% increase in the number of female applicants.
  • 32% increase in the number of BAME applicants.
  • 158% increase in the total unique applications.