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Meraki Brochure

First impressions

Imbuing your business, product or service with its own unique and recognisable personality is what good branding achieves. It enhances your marketing messaging and sets a consistent tone for the visual representation of your organisation.

Great design works hand in glove with your enterprise to communicate clearly, gain trust and enhance your reputation.

Brand positioning

The position a brand holds within the mind of its audience is key to its success. Brands strive for frictionless communication, where every touchpoint evokes a desired emotional response. To form a strong bond with your audience, they need to see their values reflected in your business.

Before positioning begins, an understanding of the competitive landscape is required: Where are your competitors placed? What is the consumer need? How is your business going to fill that requirement?

Once a firm understanding is achieved, a positioning strategy can now be formulated to act as the playbook for your marketing activity.

The process of re-branding

Over time, brands can lose relevancy with their audience. This can be due to such things as shifts in the competitive landscape or a change in company direction. These situations often result in a complete re-evaluation of the brand strategy, making a rebrand exercise a vital next step.

Rebranding provides the opportunity to re-position your brand in the mind of your prospects - reinvigorating old relationships and encouraging new ones to form. Accurate translation of your business persona into a new brand is essential for achieving transformative results, both internally and externally. While the old adage 'fortune favours the bold' is often true, we know the process is very delicate and that respect and meticulousness is required every bit as much as daring and bravery.

Every time a business puts their trust in us we feel a very real duty of care for their brand and we believe this care is evident in the finished result.

North Hertfordshire College logo
Cynical bottle top logo

Identity design

Your corporate identity is the spearhead of your brand and sets the tone for your business's communications. The logo has the unenviable - and arguably unreasonable - task of communicating crucial information, non-verbally, that will shape assumptions about your business and set expectations, all within the (literal) blink of an eye.

We design logos that are authentic to you, relevant to your audience and enduringly memorable.

Naming your brand

Naming your brand is a challenging prospect; arguably, even harder than naming your children. The dizzying array of factors that have to be taken into account can make what should, ostensibly, be a fun, creative task into an overwhelming dilemma.

Connotations, emotion, relevancy, uniqueness - these all need to be accounted for, and that's not to mention whether or not it's available in .co.uk and .com!

We have a lot of experience in guiding businesses through this frustrating process, helping them to arrive at a name that fulfils all the criteria and that they feel will confidently lead their business into a successful future.

Below is a selection of our identity work

(Many of the examples shown use names created by us on behalf of our clients).

Atlantic Healthcare logo redesign
Cardinal Points logo
Cyncial logo
Lifelites logo
Loop logo
Meraki logo
Military Injury logo
New Wave logo
North Hertfordshire College logo
Nova logon
Radiiaance logo redesign
Riverford Dairy logo
Schofield logo
Sticks and Stones logo
Vyva logo redesign

To get more from your brand, please contact us.