Rebrand for Hart Learning Group

North Hertfordshire College

I have worked with Thinkology on a number of quite different projects over the last two years including, most substantially, the branding of a completely new Capita business (Capita Talent Partnerships), a campaign to attract young people to a flagship entry-to-employment initiative for young people (#worksforme) and now this exceptional new work for the Hart Learning Group.

On each occasion I have found their engagement, energy and outputs to be exceptional. I now routinely engage Simon and Matt in my own internal and early stage thinking on any major initiative with material marketing, communications, digital and or design aspects. Their ability to instantly understand my objectives and help me shape initiatives ground-up is as valuable as it is rare. This was most evident where the help us shape our overall approach to customer engagement before delivering a more traditionally scoped marketing and branding project which perfectly resonated with our target audience - attracting some 2,000 expressions of interest within 48 hours of launch.

These campaigns are great examples of the quality, relevance and currency of their design work. Matt has a rare ability to take my ill-articulated, sketchy descriptions of the look and feel I am searching for and come back to me with two or three options each of which represents a substantial development of my thinking.

Matt Hamnett
CEO and Principal
North Hertfordshire College

When creating a new brand, buy in from the people who will interact with it on a daily basis is imperative. Before our involvement there had been a couple of new logo suggestions on the table but it was felt they lacked substance and true relevance.

We started by helping the marketing team construct a timeline of activities that would give us the information we’d need to develop a brand which spoke for the college in terms of aims, values and personality. Working closely with the marketing and design team during the development stages of the rebrand was a fascinating and rewarding process and we believe it has resulted in the creation of a mark which is truly relevant for everyone associated with North Hertfordshire College.