The 5 Rules guide book

Military Injury

Project overview

When service personnel are injured, they have the option to make a claim through the AFCS and WPS compensation schemes respectively. At first glance the application process appears to be simple - just complete and send off a form - but the success of each claim is heavily dependent on the accuracy in which the form is completed. Military Injury is a small committed organisation that guides claimants through this precarious process. Using their experience as ex forces personnel and practicing lawyers, they help draft the crucial sections to ensure the application form is accurately completed. They will submit the application form on behalf of the claimant and, where necessary, assist in an appeal process.

We were tasked to design and promote a guide to help service personnel who are considering making a claim.

As The 5 Rules guide was largely going to be downloaded, the design needed to be optimised for reading on screen and mobile device. We wanted the guide to be super easy to digest, with clear calls to actions should they wish to engage Military Injury to help them out with their claim.

The ad, which we decided to create in a friendly hand-drawn style, illustrated the notion that even when you’re an expert in your field, you can quickly find yourself in an unfamiliar situation, requiring help. Our ad was placed on Facebook and guided people to sign up for the guidebook. Once introduced, we could then direct our new subscribers to YouTube videos that expand on the 5 rules set out within the brochure.