Brand refresh, ecommerce website development and print collateral

ITS Group

Project overview

Headquartered in Barnsley, ITS Group is a learning provider and registered charity delivering college education, apprenticeships and professional skills courses to a wide variety of learners.

In 2016, to complement and expand on the organisations offering, ITS Group acquired SmartStyle, an established management and IT training provider.

Following the acquisition, there was a lack of awareness – both internally and externally – of what the Group as a whole delivered, and as a result this meant each business unit’s audience was not getting an opportunity to utilise other areas of the business and find out what else was offered.

In order to successfully promote the crossover, as well as the holistic learner journey that was now available across the business units, there was a need to revise the organisation’s brand and web presence.


Creative process

As the first practical step in revising the brand, we undertook detailed research into the organisation – its 3 business units, its employees, its customers and its competitors. This allowed the overall proposition of the organisation to be refined and a shared set of values established. In turn, this also allowed what was required of the refreshed visual branding and web presence to be defined.

To support this work, we facilitated a series of brand workshops involving the entire organisation. These sessions allowed all employees to share ideas and get involved in shaping the new direction of the organisation, developing a real sense of ownership in everyone.

A new shared visual identity was created, with the logos for each business unit being updated to reflect that of the Group. New marketing and sales collateral were created, such as business unit brochures, email templates and new photography, to enable the entire business to speak with one voice.

Finally we developed a suite of 4 interconnected websites, allowing each business unit to focus on their specialist areas while enabling them to share complementary products and courses across the organisation.

Built on a single instance of the well proven open-source Umbraco content management system, all 4 websites are conveniently managed from one location. Content such as course information, case studies, team profiles and news are also set up to allow them to be shared across all websites as required. This not only removes the need for duplicate entry, but also, more importantly, enables the full capability of ITS as a Group to be shared, no matter the audience.


  • Brand refresh
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand workshops
  • Photography
  • Brochures
  • Email templates
  • Redeveloped websites
  • Shared open source CMS
  • Streamlined user journeys
  • Shared course data
  • Robust course and site search
  • Online course booking and payment (ecommerce)