Website design and build

GL Hearn

Project overview  

We helped GL Hearn, one of the UK’s leading real estate consultancies, to overhaul their outdated website, introducing some much-needed intuitive business-critical functionality and taming content that had, due to business growth and the complexity of services offered, grown to unmanageable levels within an unsuitable structure.  

We achieved this by:

  • Analysing the original site’s content and structure, using analytics data to assess user journeys to understand exactly how the website was being used and how it might be impeding users in their goals. This information in turn informed content consolidation which led to an eventual reduction in the total number of pages between the old and new sites from 1,500 to 400.    
  • Developing user flows and a sitemap that intuitively grouped the site’s required content, while highlighting the business’s key areas of focus – namely the services they offer and the people who deliver those services.    
  • Focusing on continuing and aiding a visitor’s journey through the site, from initial development of wireframes to the eventual design. Featured-content links became key components of the page design and a requirement on all but listing page templates. 
  • Ensuring that key functionality previously missing from the old site, such as a complex search mechanic with a simple user interface, was also designed and developed, enabling users to get straight to the information most appropriate to their objectives.  


The full impact of the site is yet to be realised having only recently been launched; however, increases in site activity have already been noted and this is how the data compares to the previous year:  

  • 37% increase in site sessions
  • 56% increase in page views per session
  • 40% increase in average session duration  


  • Content audit support
  • Personas
  • User flows
  • Sitemap
  • Wireframes
  • Visual design
  • Complex search
  • HTML/ CSS coding
  • CMS development and integration
  • Copywriting
  • Photography