Apprenticeship recruitment campaign


We were asked by QA to devise a learner acquisition campaign to reach out to new University students who might be having second thoughts regarding their recent further education choices. Our aim was to create a campaign that at our target audience would identify with, find amusing and above all relevant to their current situation. The #NotWhatIExpected concept focuses on the disappointment experienced when Christmas gifts don’t quite live up to their heightened expectations and draw parallels to individuals who have chosen a University course that they subsequently discover the reality to be different to what they were expecting. Cinema ads were created involving real apprentices in various situations. The stars of the ads were then interviewed sharing their experiences of being a QA apprentice. A Facebook and Twitter campaign were set up to engage the audience and drive traffic to a bespoke campaign website which would allow users to apply for an apprenticeships in their area.

Matthew Hinchliffe
Creative Director