Brand creation and logo design

New Wave

Project overview

New Wave are a new learning provider looking to radically shake up the learning sector. They have created a flexible blended learning platform that can be adapted to meet specific client objectives. Their approach of combining technology, creative design and human interaction has proved to deliver greater emotional investment amongst their learners, giving them confidence to practically apply skills in a clear and measurable way, back in their own working environment. Not only is their process more successful than traditional learning methods, but it also reduces teaching time away from the office by up to 75%.

We were approached by New Wave to develop a brand values system and a new corporate identity that would reflect their unique outlook and approach.

Creative process

With a tight deadline of just four weeks, we set to work and began analysing and organising the results from a recent brand values workshop. Aided by further discussions, we were able to gain a firm understanding of how the business thinks and operates. After presenting a selection of concepts, one idea was a clear favourite. The chosen marque, influenced by the bold designs from 90s skate culture and the impossible creations of M.C.Escher, captures their alternative outlook and refusal to conform. The letters N and W have been merged together to form an impossible waveform, an optical illusion, with the intended message that anything is possible.

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