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We have worked with Thinkology this year to develop a clear brand direction for Riverford Dairy and to build a new website. We chose Thinkology because we were impressed by Simon’s experience and vision and we have certainly not been disappointed. The Dairy now has a completely rebranded range which rolled out in January 2015. We know it will sit powerfully alongside our competition, whilst clearly reflecting our unique values. Simon and his team have given us outstanding guidance, support and creative input, asking questions that as a business we had not considered, and have been responsive in helping us to solve unexpected obstacles during the course of a busy year which has seen us enter new markets. The relationship with Thinkology is one of collaboration, enquiry and creativity which provides invaluable support to our business and we are looking forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.

Julia Collins
Marketing & Sales Manager
Riverford Organic Dairy